A Glimpse into the Past.

A friend request on Facebook and me wondering who this boy was. Facebook was very new to me and I thought he was some crazy person who has sent me a request. So, I ignored him. I was in tenth and before I forget to mention those are the few years when your emotions are all over the places. After a few days I accepted his request. Who was he? We where in the same freaking school and i dint recognise him. By the way, just for the facts, I am very bad with remembering faces.

One fine day at school, when I was helping one of my teachers with some work… there he was, waving his hand towards me. And what did I do, like a fool I just gave him an awkard smile. Trust me as awkard as there can be. And I just left.

A message from him on Facebook. My honest thought at that time were, ‘He’ll also be one of the jerks asking for my number and stuff’. I ignored it earlier. But I am very curious about things. Then whether it be anything. Even boys. I replied him after a while.

‘ I never thought you would accept my request ‘. The message read. ‘ So why did you even send me one! ‘. A voice in my head said. I never understand this head situation, always making judgements. I pushed my subconscious on the back and we started talking.

A few days passed by. And so did our chats. ‘He’s not that bad.’ My subconscious added whenever I would talk to him. I am already fed up of this thing inside my head.

He was not actually that bad.

One of my friends from school used to chat with him. She one day came to me and said, ‘ There is someone who I would like you to meet, he kinda likes you.’ She said.

The most loving thing about school is it’s corridors. His class and my class was on the same floor. She once just took me with her and told me to walk through the corridor. There was a group of boys who were lurking around there. And honestly, I dint like them. No one at all. Little did I know he was in there. As I mentioned earlier, ‘ bad with faces ‘. The classes started and we had a P.E. class. We went to the ground and I started telling my best friend about him. And I hear a voice from behind, ‘ there’s someone who likes you ‘. The friend I mentioned earlier said. I was.. I don’t know shocked? Because we were not such good friends. And she knows someone who likes me? Not normal.

The boy she was talking about is the same boy I was talking about.

At night a message read, ‘I think I like you ‘. Butterflies running in my stomach. Is he serious? What am I gonna say to him? What is this going on? Too many questions crowding my brain. The only answer I had was, ‘ Ohh ‘. Such a mature answer to give right? He was polite and said, ‘ it’s okay, take your time.’ Thank God. Relief flood into my veins.

I dint give him an answer and he was good enough to not force me to give one. This was all very new to me. Even though I felt good around him, he also made me happy. But I dint think I am ready for all this. We talked for days after that and even engaged ourselves in a small fight. All those days he was very helpful. He even is now.

Days passed and I gradually started developing feelings for him I guess? I just don’t believe in the concept of love at first sight. Like how does that even happen? Just after one freaking look, how do you you love someone? I like to take my time. Anyway, I gathered the courage and finally said it.

‘ I think I like you ‘. The message read.

‘ Seriously?’. He replied.

I could hear the shocking voice of his and even see his lips turning to form a big circle. Was this good or bad?

I don’t know it was serious or not. But I just said what I felt. These Facebook chat are just Soo… I don’t know… If you catch one expression wrong, the whole conversation gets destroyed.

After this, the part comes when you tells your friends this. We just wanted to tell our close friends about it and not announce it to the whole world. My friends were happy hearing about it. That was the time I had some ‘friend crisis’ but the ones who were with me were very happy.

Days passed, and soon it was our 1 year anniversary. I was happy with him. Not thinking about future and just living the present. And one day, the happiest news, his best friend and my Best friend fell for each other. I might say I was the happiest. Because why not.

Another 365 days went by with some fights, and a lot of laughter. He always made me feel special.

But until, the reality strikes.

‘Is there a future in this?’ I started thinking. Thinking about every other thing possible. Until how many days can we just be the cute ones who never fight. And if there is no future in things, I don’t believe in investing time in those. It sounded miserable to me but the only thought I had was if I take more time, it just gets more complex. Two years is not less. We almost knew everything about each other and if I dint do it now. Then, It will just be wrong for both of us.

The way I broke up was not good. I could have made him understand why I did it in a much better way.

But nonetheless, I am happy now and I hope he also is. He is one of the important people i have (or had?). And I would always want him to be happy.

‘ U did the right thing for both of you ‘. For once my brain and my heart were on the same page.

A New Born

And finally when the day arrives.
The day full of excitement,
The day filled with emotions,
The day when a new born comes into existence.

After all the 2 am food cravings,
All the happy-funny-sad mood swings,
Taking care much more than earlier,
The world feels to revolve upside down.

Suddenly everything seems to revolve around the small little thing,
The one which has invisible angle wings.
All the attention draws down to her,
All the effort is just to make her smile.
All the pain seems to vanish somehow
All that we see is the world’s most beautiful creature.

Everything about her seems cute,
Starting from her little hands,
The hand which can only hold a finger in it,
The hand which when grown up handle responsibility,
Responsibility of the one’s who help her grew this strong and beautiful.

A promise to make at the end
To try to always remain your friend.
Trust you the way no one does,
Care for you the way no one does,
Love you the way no one does.

Fam-ily Time

As quarantine stuck us at homes. This must be the most amount of time anyone’s ever been with their family. Many of who had been witnessed for the first time how a family dinner or lunch is like. How much of a scene it can create if you utter a single ‘disturbing’ word. All that we know right now is we are stuck at home and what we have right now is our family. Sitting on the dinning table and discussing each other’s day is an absolute bliss. Hanging out with parents is not the most fun thing (according to teenagers these days, which also includes me). But when we start doing it we actually enjoy it to the fullest, until and unless there is no ‘talk’ related to studies (toppers wouldn’t relate).
One thing’s for sure. Our family can be absolute fun if it is a two way road. Parents are not the only one who should give in their efforts to make us feel happy. It should also be the other way round.
Every action will always have an equal and opposite reaction.
(Yes, I am a science student. XD)