Third Person Point of View.

Every story has 2 sides, this is for sure. Both of it can be right, both of it can be wrong. But either of the side will be more inclined towards the right.

While we choose what is wrong and what is right, try considering a third person point of view.

Maybe you’ll get a broader perspective towards things.
Maybe you’ll understand why you were wrong/right.

Yes, you might be wrong in the story.  But,
What is wrong in being wrong?
Learn from it.

Change. For good.

An ideal person is a myth. No one fits the definition of ideal.

Everyone messes up at some point. About relationship. About friendships. About love. About jealousy.

And those messes teach us the most appropriate and valuable lesson of our lives. Even if they are as small as bee. No one…I repeat no one tries to mess up with a bee.

What should be our ultimate goal in life ?
To achieve perfection ? To make everyone around us proud ? To be a good person ?

No, to make oneself happy by being what we really are. And not pretending. Pretending just leads us to a Bermuda triangle in which we would sink in for sure.

To make you proud. And to preserve our inbuilt humanity.

Because that is what is fading in this hour.

Change is good. Change is you.

Why do I write ?

This blog is a prime example of how things can change within days.

When I was young, I used to hate… Literally hate reading books. And all those people who loved reading were just not my type of people.

I was never the child who would say sit for 2 dedicated hours and read. I didn’t even sit for 2 hours for studies back then (even now :-D). I would just jump from here and there and do stupid stuff.
You get the point!

This lockdown was in equal halves: good and bad.

Good because I wouldn’t know I am an average painter (because, earlier I was horrible). I don’t even think I would have even tried painting if it wasn’t for lockdown.
Hey. Thanks, Corona! Appreciate it.

And bad because we were going to travel this year! 😦

I started reading one of the books my friend suggested. And honestly, I liked it. It was good.

I was surprised as to how a single book can leave such an impact on someone.
I feel this way when I finish watching a series.. never thought this would be the case with books also.
So, this was a gist of how I started reading.

Coming to the main question,

Some people may relate to this some may not.

It’s just that I feel everyone has his/her own perspective towards life. Which can be right according to them but it’s not necessarily right according to others.

What is going on in my brain is mine. And yes, I agree that people can have similar thought process as mine. But, it can never be the same.
There will be some teeny-tiny bit which would be different for one-another.

This is what people need to understand these days that ‘No one is Always Right.

Yes, our elders have more life experience than us but that doesn’t reach to the conclusion that ‘Elders are always right.

No, they can be wrong.
They should be wrong. And if they aren’t, then they are not normal. Because….

Humans make MISTAKES.
Humans are NOT PERFECT.


1. (of a living thing) undergoing natural development by increasing in size and  changing physically.*

Now, what does growing mean with respect to life ?

Grow from your appearance.
Grow from your anxieties.
Grom from your insecurities.
Grow from your selfishness.
Grow from your heart break.
Grow from your fights.
Grow from your parents’s bad jokes.
Grow from your siblings eating your brains.
Grow from the first time you feel betrayed.
Grow from the first time you loose a friend.
Grow from your grades.
Grow from your successes.
Grow from your smallest fears.
Grow from your largest victories.

Grow from every such thing that pulls you down.

Growing is accepting failures and acknowledging success.
Growing is not buying happiness. It is living the moments that cause happiness.
Growing is not crying over grades. It is accepting them and moving forward.
Growing is not lying. It is accepting the truth and living with it.
Growing is not making a 100 friends. It’s making friends who stick with you.

Growing is not only in size. It is what we were before to what we have become now.

New Heart, New Life.

And finally when the day arrives.
The day full of excitement,
The day filled with emotions,
The day when a new born comes into existence.

After all the 2 am food cravings,
All the happy-funny-sad mood swings,
Taking care much more than earlier,
The world feels to revolve upside down.

Suddenly everything seems to revolve around the small little thing,
The one which has invisible angle wings.
All the attention draws down to her,
All the effort is just to make her smile.
All the pain seems to vanish somehow
All that we see is the world’s most beautiful creature.

Everything about her seems cute,
Starting from her little hands,
The hand which can only hold a finger in it,
The hand which when grown up handle responsibility,
Responsibility of the one’s who help her grew this strong and beautiful.

A promise to make at the end
To try to always remain your friend.
Trust you the way no one does,
Care for you the way no one does,
Love you the way no one does.

Fam-ily Time

As quarantine stuck us at homes. This must be the most amount of time anyone’s ever been with their family. Many of who had been witnessed for the first time how a family dinner or lunch is like. How much of a scene it can create if you utter a single ‘disturbing’ word. All that we know right now is we are stuck at home and what we have right now is our family. Sitting on the dinning table and discussing each other’s day is an absolute bliss. Hanging out with parents is not the most fun thing (according to teenagers these days, which also includes me). But when we start doing it we actually enjoy it to the fullest, until and unless there is no ‘talk’ related to studies (toppers wouldn’t relate).
One thing’s for sure. Our family can be absolute fun if it is a two way road. Parents are not the only one who should give in their efforts to make us feel happy. It should also be the other way round.
Every action will always have an equal and opposite reaction.
(Yes, I am a science student. XD)